Carnegie Medal Winner, A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Books, Carnegie 2012, Library, Literature, Reading, Reviews, Sanctuary, Writers, Young Adult
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A MASSIVE congratulations to Patrick Ness for the historic achievement of winning the Carnegie two years running AND winning both the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Prizes simultaneously.

A Monster Calls is a truly exceptional book and a mighty winner! It is one of those books that EVERYONE should read! The story is moving, evocative, primal, mythic and personal; the language is beautiful and elegant and so economical; the illustrations are breath taking. Truly, genuinely inspiring!20120615-061732.jpg




  1. Alex says:

    I taught Children’s Literature for many years and this has to be one of the better books I encountered. I’m really glad it’s won.

    • sampiper22 says:

      I know! It had everything going for it!

      I was worried because he’d won last year with “Monsters of Men” which I thought was the less satisfying installment of the incredibly good (and incredibly different) Chaos Walking Trilogy – what a brilliant way to describe us humans, Chaos Walking!

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